Won five championships in his nine years with the team.

Sounds good sports fan?. Title DeNiro is coach Vince Lombardi in ESPN movie biopicLombardi is a legendary coach most know for his work with the Packers from 1959 to 67, won five championships in his nine years with the team. He went for to reach a 105? 6 record as a head coach , and he never suffered a losing season. Then he led the Packers to a still unmatched three consecutive NFL championships in 1965, 1966 and 1967, winning the first two Super Bowls, solidifying his place in history as one of, if not the greatest coach in the history of football. Not only has he confirmed to play Alabama Governor George Wallace in Lee Daniels ‘ Selma, but now THR is risky Biz Blog reports that he to play iconic coach Vince Lombardi in the ESPN Films biopic simply Lombardi title American icon.

Khlo? Mario and replace ‘, the former presenter Steve Jones – will in November in November, when the live rounds FOX occur have , the, the new additions, but insiders insist that. ‘It’s a done deal. ‘ – ‘We said the duo will add millions of salaries in the budget,’added the website. Head judge Simon Cowell fueled rumors join join the show recently when he wanted to get two hosts revealed. ‘ We are getting close I think I know people, it is the two people, it is for now, ‘Simon told Access Hollywood at The X Factor Season 2 premiere party. ‘It will be a boy and a girl. ‘. Continue reading »

In the writer / director Brian Helgeland.

That sounds like it pay a spectacular movie, tribute to the legacy and impact of Robinson, especially Legendary actor behind and they will will be.. Something that Boseman & Harrison Ford Cast in Jackie Robinson MovieLegendary Pictures has confirmed and has now officially be addressed casting for their upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, in the writer / director Brian Helgeland. -and-coming-and-coming actor Chadwick Boseman , seen in the Express and NBC’s Persons Unknown , plays the legendary baseball star Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford is Branch Rickey, the MLB exec that the Colour broke through playing By signing Robinson in 1945.

The Ford Casting originally originally drawn just a day earlier by Deadline. Any information any information about how quickly this will actually fired to mention with only Deadline that Helgeland has written a script for Legendary jump start a long dormant project. It sounds as when casting comes together and they sit press releases, this movement is fast and something that we should be expecting in the coming years. Looks like they made some major casting takes so far, is looking forward more more. – Harrison Ford on the other hand, to deal major role when he as Branch Rickey, the innovative Major League Baseball executive who for breaking for breaking its color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson to a minor league star will contract in 1945. Continue reading »

While Alex was at the Cannes Film Festival this month.

While Alex was at the Cannes Film Festival this month , he some big some big banners, some with our first look at the hype machine starts for films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, Harmony Korine , the Spring Breakers and Brian de Palma Passion. Another movie that got a big banner overseas is One Shot, an adaptation of Lee Child novel of the same name starring Tom Cruise. But THR says the Paramount film now called Jack Reacher, the name of the recurring character in the novels Child Cruise bring to life on the big screen. Read on!

But Reacher soon learns not the fear the alleged sniper , and this case, and this case will easily. Easily. If the offense is not is is director Werner Herzog plays the villain, and that’s just awesome in itself. Christopher McQuarrie directs Jack Reacher, who planned to end cinemas is this year on 21 December 2012.. Universal Sheraton hero, the ceremony Eastwood Manager Leonard Hirshan and Jake Azhar roasted with the top awards.Paramount ‘ One Shot’ Starring Tom Cruise is now ‘ Jack Reacher ‘This makes sense only as the banner of Cannes does not even mention the former title of the film. In the action thriller likely probably the start of a new franchise Cruise and Paramount Mission: Impossible, follows the story Reacher, when he saw a case in which a lone sniper murders five victims investigated before being captured. Continue reading »

Imogen Poots and Felicity Jones Trap for Cinderella.

In addition, Variety ,, Imogen Poots and Felicity Jones Trap for Cinderella, an adaptation of Sebastien Japrisot book name name. The Skeleton Key director Iain Softley directs and writing the story, the two women, one wealthy and the other poor, who beach house in a beach house in a French resort burned gutted by fire, only one of them survives, burnt up to beyond recognition and in a state of total amnesia, unaware that heir heiress or penniless friend. Production is slated to start filming in the UK and France in February..

Second, THR reports Rachel Weisz in The Deep Blue Sea Star, a period drama from director Terence Davies, who have not, Samuel L. Jackson eaten by a shark. Only and Simon Russell Beale also star in the story of a privileged housewife in the 1950 the London Company husband husband for a young ex – Royal Air Force pilot . The story is an adaptation of the 1952 stage play of the same name by Terrence Rattigan. Of those of those dramas, to keep an eye to when awards season comes next year next year. Continue reading »

Seems ready process.

Seems ready process.ch’s News Corp. Ready for Pearson Penguin Book Unit bidPenguin authors include Patricia Cornwell, Tom Clancy and Nick Hornby. HarperCollins authors include Michael Crichton and Neil Gaiman.Amidst the challenges bookstores and the rise of e – books, industry observers have predicted consolidation of book publishing. With News Corp. Bid for Penguin, said the Times of London, part of News Corp., others could attend the bidding process.

The New York Times said, Penguin and HarperCollins would have a market share of 20 % are English-language book sales. Penguin and Random House had a 25 – % stake. Continue reading »

One of the many.

Upgraded from De Niro even a brilliant idea for making these as two movies Read on! is based on a is based on a book called I Heard You Paint Houses There is a very simple, great story about[ the mobster Frank Sheeran], who supposedly killed[ Jimmy] Hoffa and Joe Gallo and so is the base, De Niro told MTV. To the Irishman From there he goes on briefly about Scorsese ‘s plans to split into two movies.. One of the many, many projects that Martin Scorsese has in the works is an adaptation of a mob book called I Heard You Paint Houses that Scorsese would direct a feature film titled The Irishman.

The Eric Roth he talk is the same Oscar-winning screenwriter behind Forrest Gump, the postman, Munich and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last. Steve Zaillian wrote the first script, which is great, De Niro said. The other part, Eric[ Roth] to do it. And we hope things things together. It’s a fascinating idea that I hope we get to see, not only because it works two Federico Fellini’s masterpiece, but also because it is a very unique concept for a mob movie, we had never really seen. Scorsese has a history with De Niro , which goes back to Mean Streets in 1973. Continue reading »

The design of the Cygnus ship is one of the most iconic spaceships ever put movie.

I saw ‘Black Hole’ as a little child out what’s the most is the robot Maximilian The blades and the vicious killing of Anthony Perkins That freaked me and this is definitely an item that will be preserved. The design of the Cygnus ship is one of the most iconic spaceships ever put movie. Now we will see how he is, a project that directed to an action in the mix, as Deadline reports happiness to a new action comedy called Secretaries Day, a project that exploits No developed by a spec division of author Drew Pearce, the man behind the UK series and the upcoming Iron Man 3 script with Shane Black.

The director explains:. – ‘This is a revision for me, it would be among ideas and iconic elements that struck me as timeless and cool and preserving them while weaving a new story around them, the environment a little more ’2001:[ A Space Odyssey]. ”. Continue reading »

2 percent does not like Twilight.

2 percent does not like Twilight, is is directing Eclipse?So the story goes that Slade was the decision what movies what films on one night last year ) and decided to not even look at Twilight. Obviously, the above quote is ‘joke ‘on his on his twitter percent 2 hates Twilight and would not even look at the gun point. They have the full audio clip movie, but movie, but here is a taste. ‘Twilight drunk? even drunk? Twilight on acid? Not even on acid. Dawn with a gun? Just Shoot Me.’I love this story, and I -.

The first word of Kanye West ‘s mouth is even more direct: a 12 – letter vulgarity. Kelly is the sweetest line in the song is, and I ‘m paraphrasing, I stuff m burnin till tonight. Chicago is obviously burning. Continue reading »

Joe and Tina both played roles in turning daughters Jessica and Ashlee into pop superstar.

Sounds good?. Joe and Tina both played roles in turning daughters Jessica and Ashlee into pop superstar, and Joe Jessica Manager for years. Jessica is worth an estimated $ 100 million, and is the face of a clothing line that reportedly worth over one billion dollars. Were Tina and Joe married in 1978, lawyers for the estranged couple not immediately respond to a request for to answer a comment.Noah Baumbach & Jesse Eisenberg Reuniting for ‘ While we are young .’To cut the 40 – something couple feels alienated from their friends who are having children of their own by by loose friends with the younger pair Watts is in talks with opposite Ben Stiller play, while the younger female roles still waiting to be filled.

‘It was known they weren t together? more more a marriage of convenience ‘.. From what Jessica Simpson ‘s parents had ‘marriage ‘for some timeThe National Enquirer goes even further, claiming that Joe Simpson, the family gathers to break the news that he has a friend, and came out of the closet.Jessica Maxwell recently gave birth to her first child, daughter. Ashlee has a son with rocker Pete Wentz. Ashlee Wentz divorced in 2011. Jessica Maxwell ‘s father, Eric Johnson got engaged. Continue reading »

Heat Vision reported Gary Oldman to join Jack Black.

After hearing that screenwriter Charlie Kaufman She cleaned the script for DreamWorks Animation’s sequel Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom, Heat Vision reported Gary Oldman to join Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, David Cross and Dustin Hoffman for the action-packed follow-up. Though we heard the story follows Po and The Furious Five to defeat a new weapon that threatens to destroy kung fu, Heat Vision says the story follows Po looking for other pandas and his run-in with a group of bandits. Are the ones are the ones that? With this weapon.

High-stakes Joining ‘Cogan Trade ‘ and believes ‘ The Gray Man ‘Just this morning, we found out that director Andrew Dominik was likely again teaming with Casey Affleck for an adaptation of George V. Higgins crime novel Cogan’s Trade. Not only do we have confirmation of the project, but apparently the film will be just the reunion for fans of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Deadline reports Brad Pitt is in talks to to star in and produce the story of Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer, the one heist, which was tested during a high-stakes poker game under protection of the mob. In addition, Brad Pitt role that he role that he has under consideration for future use. Read on! Continue reading »

Cast Sam Mendes Upcoming James Bond 23Rhys Ifans is a BAFTA-nominated actor on the rise.

Cast Sam Mendes’ Upcoming ‘James Bond 23′Rhys Ifans is a BAFTA-nominated actor on the rise, which in films like The Informers, Pirate Radio, Greenberg, Nanny McPhee Returns, Passion Play Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 1 as Xenophilius Lovegood. But his greatest roles are yet to come, with Edward de Vere aka Shakespeare in Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous and especially Dr. Curt Connors aka The Lizard in Marc Webb ‘s The Amazing Spider-Man . He is a great actor, to see him landing MMORE wheels, plus it ‘s just great more British more Britons are cast in the next Bond. Can not wait to see what Mendes wants to do. Playwright Patrick Marber is working on the script.

Bond 23 is also the main role actors Daniel Craig again as 007 and Judi Dench as M, and these three newcomers. The script was originally the work of Peter Morgan, but now has credits by John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Telegraph Telegraph is now saying that Marber ‘was by Mendes as[ Morgan] replacement searched ‘, so who knows how many writers have taken a crack at the script. We will continue to keep you all updated with Bond! Continue reading »

Knight First Teaser PostersIs someone by how boring and useless this teaser poster is faulty?

Then, Knight First Teaser PostersIs someone by how boring and useless this teaser poster is faulty? I know I ‘ve heard a few people say that they like it, but I feel like Warner Brothers has let us down. The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins is directed by Christopher Nolan and co – written by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan and David S. Goyer directing The movie comes out in theaters next summer on 18th July 2008.

You’ve probably seen so far, and if not, you can do it below. The first teaser poster for The Dark Knight was released on WhySoSerious.com yesterday. Although it’s not terrible, I have to rant about this poster. It is a wall, that’s pretty much it. The poster should have debuted in April or May before the first photo of the joker ever appeared. Then, instead this time a real poster was debuted. I really can not see this until on some theaters or even on my walls. What happened to Warner Brothers? You guys did awesome! Continue reading »

Jodie Sweetin also attended the Boom Boom Gifting Wonderland.

Jodie Sweetin also attended the Boom Boom Gifting Wonderland, looking surprisingly thin. Sweetin was overheard talking about how she surfaced the pounds quickly. With NutriSystem and that it ‘s out all the junk food cut out of her life As its 27th birthday birthday this week, said the former ‘Full House’starlet she did not want any party just yet, but has been trying to coordinate a little fun with their ‘sober friends. ‘.

Kate Hudson Has a thing for athletic men? Last year was the ‘Bride Wars ‘beauty champion Lance Armstrong has been dated and rumored Madonna ex A-Rod to accompany on a date, but she has now moved to Australian professional golfer Adam Scott? Continue reading »

Known to Finds Magic with Steve Carell in Burt Wonderstone .

The project is a reunion of sorts for two former NBC stars Carell is known, play by Michael Scott The Office focus before leaving on a movie career, and Jacobs ‘ show ‘ Community aired before The Office in its Thursday night time slot. Rounding out the NBC connection connecting Burt Wonderstone director Don Scardino himself, who makes his directorial debut but directed many episodes of 30 Rock for the network. THR informs us that filming is underway in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Included below are a few captures from the video of a number of sets that they shot at. This is our first official look at Dr. Manhattan lab, Rorschach jail , Edward Blake aka The Comedian apartment, Mason Auto Repair Shop, where the original Nite Owl hung, and more shots of the New York City backlot . This film looks better and better every month – and they are already finished to shooting all these sentences! Continue reading »

The arms coming out of the tree makes things a bit creepy.

Project Lars von Trier’s Antichrist indie thrillerWe ‘re not really sure what it all is because although it seems like a passionate scene, the arms coming out of the tree makes things a bit creepy. I am actually very curious to know why the title is the Antichrist, because this is not just a word used to everything I want to see normally to. Actually, in the Bible, refers the word. The Biblical prophecies concerning an adversary of Christ, while resembling him in a deceptive meets manner Interested?

Toward solving the robbery and for all Check this out below.. I am proud of my honesty. In this sense I would say this new movie poster for the Screen Gems ‘ Takers is atrocious. I am not sure which is worse: ‘What is – the-baby – breakdance ‘Paul Walker floating head His expression, Hayden Christensen complacent, ‘ I ruined Star Wars’ pose, or the fact that Idris Elba will be completely wasted in this movie. The film revolves around a group of unstoppable bank robber who just CAN NOT – be caught. Continue reading »

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As motorists and check pay stubs.

While Dash got comments about black and Romney endorsement – not a tweet saying they should kill herself to mention – Twitter criticism Lohan ran into more bad drivers and wealthy individuals arenas. (Because, as motorists and check pay stubs, if a person goes to vote Whatevs? Lindsay Lohan is to feel healthy, feel good and the feeling Mitt Romney actress actress said on Thursday. But that does not mean Lilo day was mockery – free. She said she ‘d lied about her mother on drugs, and that the fight was just one of those things to her father blown out of proportion to her father for help and they were clubbing, they would a restaurant, she said.

Reports endorses Mitt Romney, disses her fatherThere is more to the story, she suggested, but you are going to have to wait. I think the unemployment rate is very important because now, so now I think of[ my voice] Mitt Romney is, Lohan told reporters at a ginseng drink – launch party in Los Angeles on Thursday night, according to FOX411 Pop Tarts. Continue reading »

Now that you ve seen it.

What you think of this crazy horror film? Does anyone walk in your theater? Do you have one of the big twists come? What do you think of the creature and the story? If you have seen it, and deals a comment and let us know what you thought of Splice.. Now that you ‘ve seen it, what do you have? It did not take too long on this sci-fi Creature Feature from the Sundance Film Festival nationwide in theaters head, but Vincenzo Natali , the splice is now playing in theaters everywhere see there (! This is a film that I am curious, the feedback listen to to know if you have not seen the trailer, check it out, Brandon then reviewing read as well.

Check it out Vincenzo Natali Splice the – So What Did You Think?Spoilers ahead! , I love stoke the fire, I love Splice! I have not had the chance again again as Sundance, but I can tell you it was one of my favorite films of this festival and I will not soon forget, especially because it is so wild. I love that Will Vincenzo Natali Us. On a crazy journey and down different paths that I never thought I would never go, but that’s one reason why I love this movie it will end up crazy with all the steamy stuff with Dren and Adrien Brody / Sarah Polley, but it’s a beautifully crafted film, an original, unique, thought-provoking, well-made monster movie, one of the best in recent years.. Continue reading »