Low budget trailer for the RZA of Wu-Tang vs.

Low budget trailer for the RZA of Wu-Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix!Look at the remaining unofficial trailer for the RZA of Wu-Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix – fans of kung fu – this is for you clear, this is clear, this is not the full-on $ 20,000 kung fu movie that that RZA scheduled called The Man With The Iron Fist. It did not shoot yet. In fact, I ‘m not even sure what the story is this. These trailers are for a film called Wu-Tang vs. The Golden Phoenix, says that Quiet Earth ‘was in the making for the last decade. ‘I suppose that was just a kung fu experiment with Wu-Tang, the RZA as a way in the genre and shot at directing. But who knows what it really is. One thing I can tell you – they’re both freakin ‘awesome. Check out the trailer below!

Although this seems really lo-fi , I think it looks pretty awesome. It looks like one of those rock hard kung fu movies you pop in whenever you chill out on a weekend afternoon with nothing better than a big of. You get the idea. As indicated in the first trailer, the RZA star in this . Fight choreography was done by Robert Tai of Shaolin Temple and a host of other martial arts films. Other than that, we are not sure when it comes to cinema or go on DVD, so stay tuned. Continue reading »

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Think aboutany really lose the rights to Sin City 2?

Think aboutany really lose the rights to Sin City 2?The more I think about it, Sin City 2, combined with the release of Sin City on Blu-Ray this week, the more I excited to see a sequel. I just got felt that Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez was up the ante so much about five years after the first. There is so much that they can bring to the table this time around and I really hope it comes together much sooner than later! Hopefully someone smart use of the rights.

A IESB was first reported by IESB that The Weinstein Company had lost 2 Sin City the rights. Thus, the search continued for independent donors, with Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios yet to produce consistent. After the news hit Entertainment Weekly got a couple of updates from various TWC insiders say that this message was all just complete nonsense. Now speaking of bullshit, The Hollywood Reporter has an article just say that different manufacturers have confirmed that they have always offered the rights published Sin City 2. If I was Frank Miller, I would want to find a new club. Continue reading »

Other official Nostalgic blog.

Other official Nostalgic, Teaser Poster for ‘American Reunion’ SurfacesAmerican Reunion is the fourth installment in the comedy series American Pie American Pie in 1999, written and directed by Harold & Kumar Go White Castle creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden. Schlossberg directed the film sees the East Great Falls graduates will return to their high school reunion and a long weekend, where they will discover what has changed, who hasn? T and that time and distance can t break the bonds of friendship blog . Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Alyson Hannigan, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Jennifer Coolidge , and even John Cho are reprising their roles for the comedy that Universal is to bring to theaters on 6 April 2012.

[ Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it and refresh this page]As you see above, I’m trying a new format for interviews at Sundance this year with my Flip Mino. I more rather oblique angle, but it was still watchable. Had seen without most people The Killing Room but it’s hard taken seriously. Why what Liebesman says are actually taken seriously. I was his leadership his leadership of this film and now I am much more excited to see what he was to do battle with Los Angeles. For for my review of The Killing Room , and more coverage from the Sundance directly from Park City And thanks to both Jonathan Liebesman and Steve Beeman for the interview! Continue reading »

Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Everly Brothers,In# NoTalking Heads 1980 stunner Once in a Lifetime, followed by Bob is ‘s Like a Rolling Stone, Michael Jackson ‘s Man in the Mirror. Dylan is the only act to three songs in the hottest 100 points , but Jackson sings on three: His biggest solo hit Billie Jean ‘ranks No. 42 and the Jackson 5 ‘s debut single I Want You Back is 15th.

Prince ‘s When Doves Cry and Blondie ‘s Heart of Glass (No.

The route of Pet Sounds – the No. 2 CoS on the Top 100 albums of all time two years ago – leading six songs in the top 10 from the 1960′s the Big ’80s has two., with one from the ’70s, ’90s and ’00s. Continue reading »

Now let s go back to that last debate.

Now let ‘s go back to that last debate. Apparently someone has released the set director, right? And who forgot antiperspirant on their upper lip Mitt Romney set s? This person ‘s gone, too, is not it?

Well, let ‘s continue. The interwebs have created GIFs with horses and bayonets? almost immediately, as if by magic. Everyone loves a zinger. Or 30Obama, Romney debate Up Against National League baseball finals for Monday Night ViewersObama Romney Debates: 5 Funniest Parodies From ‘ SNL ‘ and the Internet it have a vote on the winner? There were – please hold – 435 so far. Consensus? If it hadn t pulled President Obama. Away from Romney at the end of the bell, it would more than welding on this lip. Continue reading »

Poppers Penguins quizduell.

Return April Fool we reported real news that Noah Baumbach and Ben Stiller could their cooperation in Greenberg follow with a different kind of film by adapting the Newbery Award Winning children’s book Mr quizduell . Popper’s Penguins. However, says 24 frames that has Baumbach himself project project and will not be addressed, Stiller and since interest in the project Baumbach was associated commitment, there is a good chance that he could only leave it behind as well. This is quite disappointing news after Baumbach such stellar work co-writing Wes Anderon adaptation of another beloved children’s book, Fantastic Mr. Fox did.

Mysterious ‘Black Swan’ Feathers in the Mail+ Viral Site UpdateOhhh boy, I love viral videos. I happened to find a black envelope in my mailbox today from a ‘Nina Sayers ‘sent in Beverly Hills. I immediately recognized the name, but was curious to see what was inside. I opened it nothing but two nothing but two springs – one black, one white – and that is it . What for for? Perhaps Darren Aronofsky Black Swan! this is Nina Sayers character Natalie Portman plays in the film , and it is for the lead role in Swan Lake, a ballet, where her character changes from a white swan to black swan, we obtain all vying sense. I have hidden something on the viral website. Continue reading »

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I heard a feature film: In June.

I heard a feature film: – In June, we first reported that Sony had acquired the rights to the popular PlayStation video game Uncharted Drakes Fortune adapt Movie: New Writers Hired for Sony’s Uncharted. When it became known screenwriter Kyle Ward had been hired to write the script. The studio was waiting for a finished script before hiring a director. However, Latino Review now says Ward is from the project and he is replaced by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, two screenwriters you probably never heard before. The two just writing the new Conan movie for Lionsgate and also credits on Sahara and Dead of Night..

This news comes on the heels of the recent news that Steven Spielberg close to signing a deal was directing a Moses biopic hot, so it seems a lot of the Biblical stories around Hollywood always thrown. But after Libatique , should Noah , the first out of the gate starts be her. Voyage in July in New York and Iceland, with a release set for some time in 2013, Audition is currently the titular ark builders and the film antagonists started here, what Wells had to say about the movie is:. Continue reading »

The first step is of course always a script written apps.

De Luca confirmed that they are now trying to move forward on the project now that the writers strike is over. The first step is of course always a script written, but unfortunately no writers have not been mentioned. ,, De Luca said that she ‘meet with[ Kurt] Wimmer in the next few weeks, hope to talk about him to write the script apps . ‘While we can expect more official announcements in the near future, at least one film in the works and De Luca drives to try and get the ball rolling again.’Unfortunately I do not think he would turn out a great script, how bad was Ultraviolet. As much as I Equilibrium that was loved his first film and I really did not like the story or the script only the fights and visuals. And all the same, This is not confirmed – De Luca is to ,, and it might end up that he has absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

Brad Bird even the news revealed in an interview with Geoff Boucher at Hero Complex, where he talks about the decision , and his thoughts on 3D and the film itself this is awesome news because we there is a part. Actually shot on IMAX was, including the Burj Khalifa tower scene seen in the first trailer already. Regarding these grandstanding comment, here is the best of Bird, why she doing this doing this, although it urging Paramount, involved involved to make it happen, he says:. Continue reading »

Will come Rob Riggle.

In addition, he said, the presence of the two teams makes for a lot of guest appearances and supporting roles for many comedians to join the project McKay has said, will come Rob Riggle, and he is even in the hope of Jeremy Renner for. To grab a role. Either way, with McKay back with Ferrell and Wahlberg in the shape of a football comedy sounds like a lot of fun. Personally I love the Other Guys, but even if some do not not not deny McKay Ferrell comedy track record. Funny movies such as Anchorman, Talladega Nights and Step Brothers and answer the standard Monday night question, I’m ready for some football.

Indicate During his ironic sensibility would ensure he would be place in a campaign with such high fashion DNA, a closer look: Pattinson has always been adventurous with his gaze. Continue reading »

Satrapi was inspired.

Satrapi was inspired, the graphic novel , after writing a picture of her late great-uncle. ‘He had a kind of melancholy,’she said in a recent interview at a hotel in Beverly Hills. ‘He had a sadness in his eyes. My mom said he was a great musician. He played in his garden and people would stop and listen to the street. ‘.

ITV2 attracted around 350,000 UK spectators with the launch of this year’s American Idol earlier this year.E-mail: Twitter:@ georgszalai Printable Version’American Idol’: First official photo of New Judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith UrbanAmerican Idol is modified jury for next season includes Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackso and Keith Urban.5* target younger viewers with acquired and original programming. Its lineup of U.S. Shows include the likes of Burn Notice, Melrose Place, Californicatio and Sex and the City. Continue reading »

Which means Class Sequel Shoots in January to avoid Catching Fire Earlier this week blog.

Which means Class ‘ Sequel Shoots in January to avoid Catching Fire ‘Earlier this week , there were worries that some of tense negotiations with director Gary Ross could affect the release date for Catching Fire, the sequel to The hunger Games. This is important because in the same story , but it was revealed that a delay could bring option by Fox star Jennifer Lawrence in the role of hatch caused Mystique in the developing countries continued X-Men:. First Class, a deal that trumps Lionsgate choice to bring them back for Catching Fire Fortunately, it sounds like a contradiction in planning have been avoided blog more info .

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol outlying districts outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by making them all to a boy and a girl between the ages twelve and eighteen to attend in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live television participate. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her sister in the games. But Katniss has nearly dead before and survival was, is become second nature to them. Without really, she is a contender. But if she is to win, she will begin to make choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. Continue reading »

Abrams Developing a Spooky 7 Minutes in Heaven ProjectThe film.

Abrams Developing a Spooky ’7 Minutes in Heaven ‘ProjectThe film, known from the classic kissing game popularly known as inspired 7 Minutes in Heaven , is on two young people a closet a closet, as a part focus of the game, but when they come back they find all their friends dead. Say what you think about how cheesy it may be, but I love this concept. In fact, I love it so much, I’m not annoyed hold they, this whole thing is a mystery. Have been cool have been cool to see a trailer before a movie that begins with a teenage sleepover and they play 7 Minutes in Heaven and two happy kids go, it’s all sweet cake, but then they open to doors and shit has the fan taken.

- Confirmed for Cars 2, Super 8 & M: I4 scoresWe ‘ve been trying to interview Giacchino for a while, and only just missed in Austin in Austin for Fantastic Fest with Let Me In, but I hope, sometime in the next few months I will be able to finally one of my favorite one of my favorite composers. In the meantime, I’m going to shop. Continue reading »

It is a known womanizer.

Hard, butry ‘ insecure menyour romance with John seems to be on and off is that Katy reportedly found hard.It is a known womanizer, with outdated stars like Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson in the past.Katy and John have been spotted together several times recently and the road is speculation that the couple put their relationship. They enjoyed an intimate late lunch to his 35th Birthday to celebrate this week.

The story in The Company You Keep follows small-town lawyer and single dad Jim Grant , who wanted as Jason Sinai, a former Weather Underground militant is exposed for a deadly bank robbery. His daughter his daughter and on the run, Grant embarks on a cross-country journey , prove his innocence, as he pushes an large cast of drug dealers, bomb – planting turned radical left academics, Vietnam veteran FBI agents and Republicans in search of another former member at large. For a more detailed view synopsis, you can head over to Voltage Pictures website and read all about it. Continue reading »

And and Zach Quinto ask Whats your number?

And and Zach Quinto ask ‘What’s your number?The offers are not official yet, but the negotiations are to look good, so expect them to show up at the end While a lot of originality needed for a romantic. To really to really pull me in, it’s usually the R-rated ones that do it. Director Mark Mylod is working from a script by Karyn Bosnak wrote the book 20 Times a Lady on the script based. And with Faris introduces this, I am very excited about a raunchy romantic comedy. Good?

The new dungeons are a few story events, with new character cameos, different floors are just several floors challenging opponents. As a reward for the extra effort, the extra dungeons are some new items not available elsewhere in the game. Continue reading »

It is also showing at least some signs that she knows digital content digital content in general blog.

It is also showing at least some signs that she knows digital content digital content in general. In certain cases, such as Wipeout DLC and Sound Shapes, it is so that the contents of both the PlayStation 3 and Vita accessed accessed. Last week announced the PSN Digital Day One program that many of the largest retail – October – see games on PSN at the same time they show up in stores released blog read more . A business, together with the comfort inherent in downloadable games, the ability toto make up for the inability at a later date or exchange games as one might physical copies might – some of these even with even with a discount of 10 per cent. As I said then, I believe, before the ability to download these games would.

With all this in mind it should be no surprise that Plus has to be taken with the addition of games. Speaking on the same subject, said Buser Venture Beat Sony came to a simple conclusion: Gamers want to play. . Continue reading »

So that the half Asian Reeves.

47 Ronin tells the famous true story of a band of samurai swordsmen who avenge the death of their master in 18th century Japan the screenplay was adapted by Chris Morgan . So that the half – Asian Reeves, one of the swordsman play. The movie mixes the fantastic elements of such films as the Lord of the Rings with battle scenes on the order of Gladiator and 300 I like the sound, but with Rinsch, it is hard to know, what we get with this. Despite even seen some of his commercials, I still do not know what to be his style. Either way, I ‘m excited, this could quite ingenious.

According to Variety, is Reeves still attached star. Universal wants this shooting immediately.. Variety saysg 47 Ronin instead of Alien PrequelSave in May, we reported that would for the first time feature director Carl Rinsch is reportedly helming the Alien prequel that Fox was developed? If not, you surely remember hearing about a project called 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves to star, do not you? THR confirmed today that will in place of the line of Alien Prequel (Ridley Scott himself to direct, Rinsch will make his feature film debut with 47 Ronin, an epic period samurai swordsmen film setup at Universal with producer Scott Stuber. Continue reading »

Seven Psychopaths packs heat.

A curious of the idea of of the nature of violence in movie and what the writer fundamental and deepest purpose is creator of art Requires the positive praise are to be make Seven psychopaths to be a hit, the film will open against Ben Affleck rescue drama Argo , the. Kevin James comedy Here Comes the Boom Ethan Hawke and the horror thriller Sinister What’s more, Seven Psychopaths must fight off the second weekend of Taken 2, which debuted this past weekend at a better-than-expected opening of $ 49,000.. , , Seven Psychopaths packs heat, deeper meaningFor all the acclaim for his stage and screen work McDonagh has been persecuted by comparisons with Quentin Tarantino and even McDonagh laudable reviews have the Pulp Fiction mentioned filmmakers. – Farrell and McDonagh worked together in In Bruges , which stimulates not only new Farrell ‘s acting career but also brought McDonagh an original screenplay Oscar nomination.

Another of the film ‘s biggest surprises McDonagh use of fulling a notorious movie guy tough for roles in films such as ‘King of New York ‘and ‘True Romance ‘as an unexpected avatar of pacifism. Continue reading »